We want to promote and encourage a positive salon experience for your children and allow them to share with us the joys about being pampered by the SJH&B team.

We like to try and make their visit that little bit more comfortable by supplying them with the latest children’s DVDs, we also provide baby chinos and hot chocolates to keep them entertained during their visit. We like to reward them for their courageous efforts (as we all know too well that some children hate having their hair cut) with a red heart lollipop, only under your guidance as the parent of course as we also understand that some kids and sugar do not mix.

The preferred time for children’s appointments are during the day Monday – Wednesday 10 – 4pm.
We ask that you avoid late nights and Saturdays as it is often controlled chaos and can be a dangerous environment for them to be in, we also want to ensure your child has a positive in salon experience and not deter them from future visits.

Children’s Cut Boys (1-10) $25
Children’s Cut Boys (11- 17) $35
Director Children’s Cut Boys $45

Children’s Cut Girls (1-10) $40
Children’s Cut Girls (11- 17) $50
Director Children’s Cut Girls  $60